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A proud provider of Electrical Services for the past 30 years, O’Callaghan Electrical Services has built a reputation on reliability, quality workmanship and high safety standards.
We provide a wide range of services to help you with your Electrical/Data projects. See a selection of the services we provide below.

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Here at O’Callaghan Electrical, we provide a full Electrical Services Fit-Out from design stage to completion for our clients.  

We have successfully completed projects for our varied range of clients including Multinational companies, Commercial Business, Hospitality, Educational, Retail and I.T. etc.

O’Callaghan Electrical are members of RECI and Safe Electric.  We are fully qualified to carry out verification and testing of electrical installations to comply to ETCI regulations.

Periodic Inspection Testing

We can provide electrical periodic inspection testing for all types of electrical installations to ensure compliance with the National Rules for Electrical Installation and that electrical installations are in satisfactory condition for continued safe use.  A Periodic Inspection will reveal if any of electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded, any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards, defective electrical work and highlight any lack of earthing or bonding.

P.A.T.  (Portable Appliance Testing)

We can carry out the necessary testing of appliances in a building as required under Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Regulation and will provide test results to show as appliances are compliant. Portable Appliance or PAT testing is simply a way of checking electrical appliances to ensure they don’t pose a danger to both employees and/or customers.

Thermal Imaging Testing

Thermal Imaging testing and monitoring of electrical installations can identify faults such as poor connections, overloaded circuits and imbalanced load allowing us to detect and correct failing connections before a fault occurs . It ensures that electrical and mechanical components are operating at their correct temperature. O’Callaghan Electrical can perform thermal imaging on your electrical distribution boards and switch gear and provide advice and recommendations on any repairs as required. Testing is carried out under normal working conditions, which therefore involves minimal interference to the day-to-day running of the business.

Here at O’Callaghan Electrical, we work together with our clients to ensure they can manage their energy needs in a greener and competitive way while benefiting from the high standard of lighting from the new LED Technology.

We can provide energy management services such as LED Lighting Upgrades including Energy Auditing.  Our aim is to provide a complete cost effective analysis for upgrading to energy efficiency systems with a view to long term savings for our clients.

We also work with our industry partner Urban Volt to provide an alternative method of upgrading LED Lighting installations.

Our Maintenance Services Division can provide a back-up service upon project completion or to new clients to ensure consistency and to ensure all electrical systems installed are maintained efficiently and working at optimum levels for our clients.

These services include scheduled service plans and testing, call outs, LED Upgrades and Emergency breakdowns.

O’Callaghan Electrical are experienced in installing structural cable systems for our clients which have included Data Network Cabling via Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6A Installations, Fibre Optic Installations and structured voice/data cable.

We have recently successfully completed a number of installations, with each project containing over 1,000 CAT6A cables.

We also work with our industry partner Kedington to provide a complete I.T. Package for our clients.

We provide the installation and ongoing controlled maintenance and testing of Emergency Lighting in all building sectors.  These tests are required under NSAI IS 3217:2013 at regular intervals to ensure building safety in the event of an emergency.

Certification of testing is provided upon completion of testing.

We serve the
following sectors:

– Hospitality

– Retail

– Office

– Industrial

– LED Lighting

– Data

– Commercial

Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or project and we can help advise you.